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The Collagen Capsules are an off-white, biocompatible, resorbable membrane matrix engineered from highly purified type I collagen derived from bovine Achilles tendon. When moistened with saline or blood, the porous material is flexible and conforms to the contours of the defect site. The material is easily cut with scissors or scalpel to meet the needs of the surgeon. OTA Collagen Biomaterial is non-pyrogenic and is provided sterile for single use only.

Provides containment of any type of graft material ( ie. bone, synthetic ) so that it will not migrate from the placement site
Repairs acute tears by forming a reinforced tissue composite
Available in a variety of configurations for virtually every apllication related to pre-prosthetic and bone recontsructive surgery
Resorbs as connective tissue grows into and through the collagen
Maintains its shape and stiffness when dry yet its stiffness can be adjusted by wetting with blood or saline
Can be cut into an infinate number of shapes and sizes

Collagen Wedge 23mm x28mm
Item# OTA0173
sinus capsules
Sinus Collagen Capsule, 11mm, 1 per
Item# OTA0171
sinus capsules
Sinus Collagen Capsule, 16mm, 1 per
Item# OTA0172
sinus capsules
Socket Collagen Capsule, 7mm 1 per
Item# OTA0170