Matrix Derm EXT Resorbable Collagen Membrane 15x20

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Matrix Derm EXT Resorbable Collagen Membrane 15x20
Item Number: PDMX1520

Matrix Derm EXT Resorbable Collagen Membrane 15x20

MatrixDerm® EXT

 Matrix Derm EXT Resorbable Collagen Membrane

Product Features

  • Resorbable in 9-12 months
  • Highly purified intact collagen
  • Highly biocompatible
  • High mechanical strength
  • Longer in vivo stability
  • Quick hydration time in seconds
  • Designed for ridge augmentation cases where primary closure may be difficult


Collagen Matrix is a leader in the design and engineering of collagen‐ and mineral‐based extracellular matrices for tissue and organ repair and regeneration. Our products are considered by many in the field to be premier collagen membranes for the treatment of periodontal disease and for use in dental implant, bone defect, and ridge augmentation procedures. 


All MatrixDerm™ membranes are:

  • Highly purified collagen derived from porcine tissue
  • High in mechanical strength and structural integrity for easy handling
  • Highly biocompatible
  • Permeable to macromolecules and nutrients while creating an effective barrier to epithelial cells
  • Conformable and repositionable for precise adjustment and placement
  • Terminally sterilized and ready for use following brief hydration