OrthoSnap - The Smile you See with the Braces you Don't

OrthoSnap - The Smile you See with the Braces you Don't
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OrthoSnap - The Smile you See with the Braces you Don't

OrthoSnap Clear aligners are produced in the USA utilizing an innovative patented technology.  

OrthoSnap aligners allow you to treat the full range of orthodontic issues, significantly cut "chair time" by eliminating the need for IPRs and attachments . 

What's more, they are at least 40% less expensive than comparable product, there is no start up cost and free technical support is available anytime. 

Many Sabra customers are already using the system and can't say enough positive things about their experience with OrthoSnap.


What is OrthoSnap?

OrthoSnap is a clear aligner system that is similar in concept  to other clear aligner systems in the it utilizes similar orthodontic principles of force x time = movement.

And thats where the similarites end.

How do the others do it, and what does OrthoSnap do differently? 

Other systems utilize 3D imaging and 3D printing to produce trays

OrthoSnap utilizes DPM ( Direct Physical Modeling )  to produce Clear Aligners.

Why is one technology better than the other ?

3D technology is a fantastic emerging technology everywhere and especially in dental. It is especially effective in scanning for crown and bridge. As with C&B there are flat, smooth, even prepared surfaces for the scanner to pick up. Unfortunately with Orthodontic issues such as overbite, underbite, crossbite, crowding -  there are generally no flat, smooth, even prepared surfaces and 3d technology falls particularly short in picking up the pertinent details to produce aligners effective enough to do any more than minor cosmetic movement - and particularly enough detail to complete the small final movements needed to finish cases according to treatment plans

Resolution loss occurs at every step of the process when utilizing 3D scanning and printing to produce aligners, whereas DPM is an exact reproduction of the impression, so the aligners produced are effective enough to realize full body movement with a clear aligner system, not just minor cosmetic movement.

So What is DPM?

DPM ( Direct Physical Modeling ) is a simple process of utilizing the PVS impression ( taken by the practitioner and sent in with our free mailers ) and pouring it with our proprietary patented material to make a full model of the upper and lower arches, which are then mounted, articulated and inspected by one of our fully trained dental practitioner staff to come up with a treatment plan. The individual teeth are segmented, and our patented pin system is employed to move teeth in segments 0.25mm per aligner

How we do it - - Better

- the details on why OrthoSnap is not only more effective with concerns to moving teeth, but also more effective in eliminating all the pitfalls that you'll encounter with other systems

OrthoSnaps' patented pin system move segments of teeth 0.25mm at a time. Generally the "harder to move" segments ( multi-rooted teeth, canines )  are moved first to create space on the arch to 'allow movement of other teeth, without having to do IPR. We follow the theory that if there is no reason to remove  healthy tooth structure- then don't !

Another benefit of this method is that once the "harder to move" teeth are moved into their new positions first , for the remaining balance of treatment, these teeth have been moved into their final positions and stay there, positively locking into position. So incidence of "reversion"-  movement of teeth back to their original positions is much more unlikely with OrthoSnaps' method of movement than any other clear aligner system. Other systems generally move all the teeth at once in minimal increments, not allowing them time to "lock in" in their final positions for any length of time before the treatment plan is concluded and therefore incidence of reversion can be as high as 50% 

Finishing treatment on time - according to your initial treament plan:

The most common complaint we hear from patients, and practitioners alike.  " The original treament plan called for 18 months of aligners, but my patient wasn't happy with their status when we finished the plan, and needed 4 or 5 additonal sets of aligners before they just eventually quit treament.

This is something at OrthoSnap that we took very seriosly, as an unhappy patient reflects directly on you - the practitioner, more so than the system that you are prescribing.

Built into the midcourse of our treatment plan is a special aligner tray called the "Verification Tray"  This tray is designed differently than the regular movement aligners. Slightly thicker, and not cut down to the gumline, the Verification Tray is designed for you to make judegment if the patients movement is going according to plan. If the tray fits over the teeth perfectly, they have been compliant and OrthoSnap has been doing its job properly. If it is not, this is the point that we can effect change for the balance of the treatment. The patient is re-impressed, and the balance of the aligners are delivered according to their movement up until that point.

With the use of our Verification Tray, we end up with under 5% of cases that require any revision at all after your intial prescribed treatment plan. This makes for happy patients - and happy patients make for happy and profitable dental professionals !


It's the Small Details that make OrthoSnap the Preferred Method !

1  If you look closely at any 3D printed aligners - you see small incremental lines, as when printed on a 3D printer, the printer deposits layers of material to make their trays.

Orthosnap utilizes a positive pressure vacuum system to produce our Clear Aligners, leaving them perfectly crystal clear, and virtually invisible.

2  Attachments take time!   - valuable chair time, and material costs. With OrthoSnap, our Clear Aligners are so effective, that we only use attachments on our most complicated cases ( Type 6 cases ) Type 6 cases are our most complicated cases, that other clear aligners systems would never attempt to do. Before OrthoSnap, Type 6 cases could only be acheived by traditional orthodontic/surgical treatment ( braces or surgery)

Our OrthoSnap Clear Aligners, and the patented methods in which we produce them is so effective by itself, that most cases that would require attachments with any other system, are simply not needed with OrthoSnap. So the invaluable time that you save, and all the materials that you dont need, makes OrthoSnap Clear Aligner Orthodontia a much more profitable option for you.

3  Patient Compliance:  With all other clear tray systems, the final product given to the patient generally have a non contoured or roughened edge, making patient compliance a great issue. With the OrthoSnap Clear Aligner system, all the aligners are custom made for each patient to fit to the gum line, and are hand polished to ensure that there are no jagged edges to enflame gum tissue, cheek or tongue.

Surgeons and Implantologists - OrthoSnap can be employed as a SPACE MAINTAINER/ CREATOR.

You've extracted a tooth in preparation for implant placement. Grafting finished, you potentially have up to 6 months before the implant can be placed. The adjacent teeth start to fall  ( mesial/ distal movement ) into the edentulous area as there is no longer resistance from the extracted tooth.

Do you now send the patient to the specialist to install braces to move the adjacent teeth back?  Utilize OrthoSnap as a preventative, or to move these teeth back into place, so when your patient is ready for an implant the site is ready too. ( Retainers can be produced with a shade matched temp for your patients comfort and appearence ) Your costs are as low as $50

Need to create space for an implant? The existing space is not enough for you to place an implant large enough for your comfort. Placing an implant too small just will not last in this particular case - but you dont have enough room to place the one you need? Utilize the OrthoSnap system for 2-3 months and gain the extra few millimeters that you need to place the larger, more appropriate implant that you know will guarentee succes with this case.

Your costs for a 2-3 month aligner treatment - Under $400

OrthoSnap Retainers make Sense for patient retention ( don't loose that patient to " a less expensive implant quote",  after they've seen the orthodontist - and is now a simple case ) , for preventing/moving back teeth that have "fallen" into the extracted socket, or for creating space for safe, stabile implant placement for guarenteed success - - all at a very reasonable cost.

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