Pro-Lite The Ultimate Head Light

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Pro-Lite The Ultimate Head Light
Item Number: SPL-02

Pro-Lite The Ultimate Head Light

Pro-Lite The Ultimate Head Light

The MD Brands Inc. Pro*Lite, the most cost-effective, ultra-lightweight, and ideal universal head light for all dental/medical treatments and applications. Pro*Lite Head Light design incorporates the first truly "hands free" on/off battery switch. Designed by a 30 year practicing dentist, the Pro*Lite Head Light System incorporates the lightest material and uses the longest battery life available in the market. As an industry innovator, the Pro*Lite System has earned a reputation for quality and affordability.

Ultra light weight
maximum comfort (only 4 grams)

Hands-Free Operation
minimize cross-contamination

time saving and stress reducing

reducing arm and shoulder fatigue by reducing constant adjustment of the cumbersome overhead light

Light on Demand
work efficiently to enhance quality and productivity

Cost Effective
equipment for your hygienists and assistants too = more effecient team work

Reduces Patient Anxiety
less stress

Adaptable to All Eyewear
keep your favorite loupe or eye glasses

Green Initiative
cost pennies to operate=generate less unwanted heat=less cooling bill=energy conservation

No More Overhead Light Fixture
technological advancement and elevate the quality of your service

Pays For Itself
by saving energy and increasing productivity

Long Battery Life
lasts up to 18 hours


We will customize this item to fit any purchased, and/or existing glasses, loupes etc - at no additional charge