Shank 6- Stryker 44.5mm J-Notch Style

HP702 SHANK 6, 44.5MM J-NOTCH BUR, 10 PER- Sterilization Expired

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 These are pre-packed sterile burs that have passed expiry - but are brand new. They can be autoclaved and are perfectly useable burs.  Regularly $54.90 for 10 burs- now reduced to $2.29 per bur. Purchase them and save!! 
Currently sold out. Please check back soon.
HP702 SHANK 6 SABRA STRYKER TYPE BUR, 44.5MM J-NOTCH BUR, STERILE PACK, 10 PER Past Expiry- DISCOUNTED PRICE APPLIED - simply autoclave and get the best bur at a discounted price

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