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"The Sabra 105 H.S. handpiece satisfies finger control and 360 views necessary for precise positioning of the cutting surface of dental burs"

- Michael Doughetry, DDS
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"I have worked with Sabra Dental for many years and know them to be a reputable company with world-class products. I used their surgical highspeed to prevent air emphysema and appreciate it's torque and dependability."

- Karl R. Koerner, DDS, MS

"I've used the rest and now use only the best. Over many years I owned many different brands and types of handpieces. My office now only uses Sabra handpieces and we haven't looked back. Their construction is solid and very reliable. I constanlty recommend them to all my colleagues and residents."

- Marc M Gottlieb D.D.S "Dental Care for the Apprehensive".

"Shhh...what does the patient hear? Less noise from the dreaded drill--that's what. This new air-driven handpiece is quiter than most conventional handpieces with which I have worked. Patients often complain of the whine of the high-speed handpiece, and this quieter versions does not sacrifice any operational capability. What's even more helpful is that the contra-angle aspect of the cutting head has been eliminated, therby alllowing for better access to the posterior teeth, as well as the lingual surfaces of the anterior teeth."

- Howard S. Glazer, DDS, FAGD

"As a periodontist and implant surgeon, I have used a variety of surgical handpieces over the years, Sabra handpiece not only provides reas exhaust, fundamental for invasive surgical procedures, but constantly delivers robust torque for the most demanding situations..." "My Staff find the Sabra handpieces to be almost maintenance free..."

- Jin Y. Kim, DDS, MPH, MS

5 Item(s)