sabra pfm crown removal kit

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sabra pfm crown removal kit
Item Number: SPFM

sabra pfm crown removal kit

Sabra Dental Products PFM Crown Removal Kit


The Sabra kit comes with 6 C-2 super coarse Sabra Diamonds, and 6 MC-L Super metal burs, in a sleek autoclavable bur block


As you may know, most metal cutting burs do a relatively effective job of cutting through most types of metal. But cutting through porcelain is another story. Using a $6 or $7 specialty metal cutting bur to cut through porcelain will limit that burs life to one use. We think that is much too much money to spend on a one use bur.
Diamonds are another story. Diamonds cut through porcelain “like butter” With an aggressive cutting diamond, like the Sabra C-2 super coarse diamond, porcelain will cut  very easily- easily enough to cut right down through the porcelain to exposed metal. That’s the trick – It’s very simple. 

After a slightly wider diamond is used to cut an access groove, it’s now time for a super aggressive metal cutting bur like the Sabra MC-L Super bur to cut just metal. The MC-L bur is manufactured in a different process than most burs and is specially designed to cut both precious and non-precious metals aggressively.


Both of the Sabra burs are designed for at least 5-7 uses per bur. So with the Sabra PFM Crown Removal Kit you can expect to cut through at least 30 old PFM crowns. That boils down to about $ 2.66 per removal. Now you can use your regular carbide burs that cost anywhere between $1 and $3 per bur and break a few, and wear a few down to a nub, and end up spending up to $5 or $6 per removal if you’d prefer. 

We think that the Sabra PFM Kit is more cost effective in price and more importantly – chair time. Using the proper tools for the procedure will effectively cut down your actual time doing the procedure. Without having to change many times, and only using 2 very aggressive burs your chair time will be virtually cut in half.

Go Ahead and try a kit today.