SteriSheild II Amnion Patch, 10x10

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SteriSheild II Amnion Patch, 10x10
Item Number: 81010

SteriSheild II Amnion Patch, 10x10

SteriShield II Amnion Patch, 10x10

                                 Dual Layer Amnion Patch

A Simply Remarkable Tissue for ENT / Dental Apllications !

Amnion is the placental tissue that surrounds and protects the fetus during development in utero. The properties of Amnion that benefit teh fetus also make it an effective material for providing barrier protection in a number of surgical settings. Repurposing this versatile tissue to improve surgical outcomes is supported by studies in published literature which describes its successful and safe clinical use.

Amnion consists primarily of fibrillar and membranous collagens, elastin, and a mix of growth factors and cytokines that provide the properties unique to placental tissues.

The Benefits of Amnion

The Scientific and peer reviewed literature describe a number of benefits from the clinical use of amnion tissues, including:

  • Safe, natural covering for wounds
  • Reduced inflamation
  • Reduced fibrosis and scarring at the surgical site
  • Provides a substrate for stem cells


Uses of Amnion

Historically, amnion has been iused in the following ENT/ Dental Procedures

  • Site preservation procedures
  • Extraction and ridge augmentation procedures
  • Treatment of challenging periodonal intrabony defects
  • Typanoplasty
  • Septal repair
  • Periodontal repair

SteriShield II has the following advantages:

  • Stores dry at room temperature
  • Suitable for immediate use off the shelf
  • Hydrates rapidly in wound environment
  • Readily adheres to the wound surface
  • Terminally sterilized with gamma irrifiation to SAL 10-6 in accordance with SIO 11137
  • Not chemically cross linked
  • Three year shelf life
  • SteriShield II ( Dual Layer ) version processed with surface layer dimpling for ease of graft placement/ handling
  • SteriShield II ( Dual Layer ) version can be placed with either side in contact with wound surface

Tissue Safety

  • Collection of the donor tissue is performed in an aseptic manner by appropriately licensed tissue establishments
  • Placentas are all from planned C-sections which helps to minimize the potential for contamination during recovery
  • Placental donors go through a rigorous pre-screening qualification
  • Placental donors are tested to confirm they are free from disease
  • Processed in accordance with the safety guidelines provided by the US FDA
  • Processed in accordance with the standards from teh American Association of Tissue Banks ( AATB )