Surgystar Ultrasonic Piezo Implant Bone Surgery

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Surgystar Ultrasonic Piezo Implant Bone Surgery
Item Number: Surgy

Surgystar Ultrasonic Piezo Implant Bone Surgery

Surgystar Ultrasonic Piezo Implant Surgery


SURGYSTAR PIEZO SURGERY COMPLETE SET comes in a beautiful plastic molded foam insulated case with cassette tray for autoclave and 11 piece tip assortment.

  • Tips and handpiece are compatible with most brands such as Silfradent, Mectron and NSK.
  • The unit is very simple and user friendly.
  • Working Frequency Ultrasound of 24-32 KHz
    * (Bone 29 KHz, Soft Tissue 50 KHz)
  • All instructions are also visual on the nice LCD display and settings are very easy to follow.
  • DVD on setting up system and how to properly use.
  • The unit is easy to control the handpiece and cut with no practice or experience.
  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty
  • FDA Approved
  • Sabra Dental is a SurgyStar Authorized Dealer with full factory support.

Surgystar Unit Set Includes:

  Main Unit 

  Dimension: 320(W) X 135(H) X 235mm(D)
surgy star unit
  Handpiece with Cable

hp w cable

  Autoclavable Tray
  Autoclavable with handpiece & cable, tip, 
  water connecting tube, handpiece holder

  Foot Switch
  - Foot lock function with menu of water,
    power and vibration adjust.
  - Foot control to keep the hands free.
  - Medical Power Supply.
  - Input: 100 – 240V, 50 – 60Hz.
  - Output: +24V, 3.75A
  Piezo Basic Kit (Including Tray)

  Surgystar Specifications:

  LCD Screen 
  - Soft and easy way to touch.
  - Wide 5.7 inch touch screen.
  - Adjustable during operation.

  Foot Switch
  - Very convenient with foot
    lockfunction and menu of 
    water, power and vibration 
  - Adjustable during operation.

- Working frequency: 24KHz~30KHz.
- Dimension: 320 (W) X 135 (H) X 235mm(D).
- Good design with built in peristaltic pump.
- Clear function: enables cleaning cycles to be carried    out on the water circuit.
- Automatic protection control: interrupts power and 
  water supply in case of incorrect use of the 
  handpiece and insert tip.
Water Pump Cap 
- Easy to connect and change tubing.
- Semi-automatic cover.
- Easily opened by button & softly closed by push.

Surgystar LCD Display

  Test & Initial Mode:
  - Selection system check.
  - Ready to operation: set stand-by status, 
    user can operate justly.
  - Function: When boot, tested by automatic

  Piezo Surgery Mode:
  - User Program: save current user setting.
  - Foot Free: Lock/Unlock Footswitch.
  -&nbsp : Regulate Power, Water and boost.
  User Program:
  - Selection: Save current user setting.
  System Config Mode:
  - : Beep, constrast, backlight adjusting.
  - Default: Initial setting status.
  - Touch Setup: User setting.
  Help Mode:
  - Introduction of Piezo Surgery.
  - Tip Selection Guide.
  - Maintenance.
  - Warnings.
  - Program Information.
  Tip Selection Guide:
  - Explanation of each tips.
  - Previous: Previous Information.
  - Next: Next Information.

Sinus Bone Graft

Bony Saw

- Sawing or cutting for autogenous bone.
- Sawing or cutting for distraction osteogenesis.
- Sawing or cutting in narrow site.
- Sawing or cutting or separation where handpiece can not 
  be reached.
- Removal of "tomus".
- Ridge splitting.
- Lateral window technique.
Block Bone Graft
Cyst Enucleation

 Bone Harvesting

Ridge split
Bone Harvesting
  - Mess for osteoplastic operation or 
    collecting bone chip.
  - Osteoplasty for high precision.
  - Osteoplasty of sinus lift without any 
    damage to soft tissue.

Sinus Bone Graft

- Applied to the initial separation of the maxillary sinus 
- Able to separate the membrane surrounding the window 
  without leaving perforations.
- Making the insertion of an instrument for lift and augmentation
  of the sinus membrane easy.