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Item Number: Y1001928


Key Features

An ultrasonic bone surgery system is indispensable when performing implant procedures. VarioSurg3, the latest advance in the VarioSurg range, maintains the light weight and slim handpiece design of its predecessor and the same excellent balance and grip but has 50% more power than the previous model. The feedback and auto-tuning functions, combined with a wide range of tips, ensure faster, more precise treatments. VarioSurg3 also features the world’s
first dynamic link feature
, which enables you to operate both VarioSurg3 and Surgic Pro via a single foot control. Intuitive controls and a large and clear backlit LCD screen makes VarioSurg3
really easy to operate and takes the strain out of delicate procedures.
VarioSurg - continuously evolving.

Major Power Boost - Up 50 Percent
Capable of generating a maximum of 50 percent of the power its predecessor produced (in Surg Mode), the VarioSurg3 effectively shortens treatment time in combination with any of the sharp tips available.
Selectable Burst Mode
You can switch modes instantly from Surg Mode to Burst Mode even during the procedure. Burst Mode creates a hammer drill effect capable of cutting through even the hardest tissues. Select any of three types of Burst Mode according to the procedure and the condition of the bone.
Adjustable Light Intensity
Switch effortlessly between three levels of light intensity to suit the procedure.
Tips-Products of NSK’s Meticulous Manufacturing
Shorter and Lighter LED handpiece achieves
a perfect balance. Surgical procedures are easier and stress free to help you provide more precise and efficient treatment.
Feedback Function constantly checks the performance parameters of the ultrasonic unit during operation. Simultaneously it controls the power output, which enables to supply the power suited for bone cutting procedure.



Exceptional Power for Faster,More Accurate Procedures
The exceptional power VarioSurg3 that enables precise, stress-free surgical procedures even when approaching hard bone in delicate areas.The compact body offers a wide variety of functions. The large backlit LCD display and intuitive controls help reduce operating errors and make procedures safer.