Sabra Dental Products is entering its 38th year in service to the Dental Community.

Over a third of a Century !!!

About Sabra -

We at Sabra are driven to focus ourselves as a company that is relevant to the dental community,  to engage practitioners to gain knowledge in order to better serve the world in dental health.

Sabra is a family owned business started literally in the garage  of Frank Midulla, 38 years ago. Frank coming from the medical diagnostics field, sold a medical diagnostics manufacturing laboratory and purchased what was then the NY territory of a dental franchise called Sabra Dental Products.

Gaining traction fast in the NY area, as Sabra introduced the very first 1 minute APF gel to the dental market back in 1981. FLO-GEL was an instant success in the dental field, and Frank soon grew out of the garage to accommodate pallets of Flo-Gel.

Management of the main franchise couldn't keep up with the rapid growth of the individual Sabra franchisees and closed its doors sometime in the mid 80's. Frank being very successful in the NY area kept his doors open and began to grow around the country, and 34 years later we are one of the leading dental equipment manufacturers and supply companies in the industry.


Sabra was responsible for many firsts in the industry:

Sabra was the first dental company to bring Israeli diamonds burs into the US market, introduced Flo-Gel, the first 1 minute APF, and with industry cooperation came up with many new items in dental including the very first swivel quick connect fiber optic handpiece. The Sabra Black Diamond, the Sabra Black Pearl among others brought many firsts in the US dental Market. There are still many Black Diamond handpieces out in use today that are up to 34 years old and still running.

Sabra continued with ingenuity and produced the first mass produced 45 degree angle to the dental market. Then shortly thereafter produced the first rear exhaust 45 degree angle preventing sub-cuteanous air emphysema and the issues that arise for practitioners using this technology. Over the years Sabra continued to grow as an inventive and unique company , supplying an optic system that was installed externally to the dental unit, so that practitioners could install the systems themselves. Eventually, we introduced the first fiber optic 45 degree handpiece to the dental market.

Frank's son, Dean Midulla, joined the team in 1996, after spending his childhood learning the business from proximity and training in handpiece repair as a teenager.  Dean brought the company into the modern age and doubled the business within  five years. In 2005 Frank retired from the business but we continue to keep his drive and desire to keep the company  a force in the dental industry and continue to innovate.

In 2004-2005 Sabra introduced the Sabra 105 high speed handpiece - Another industry first. A new unique design in dental handpieces. For over 40 years handpieces have been designed with a 90 degree head, and slight bend in the shaft of the handpiece, and for over 40 years there have been areas in the mouth where the traditional design made it very hard to reach. With the cooperation of Dr. Kenneth Grubbs, a well known practitioner, lecturer for almost 45 years and Professor at University of Georgia, Sabra introduced the first handpiece to eliminate those access issues.

The Sabra 105 is the first handpiece to answer all 3 critical issues with intra oral access. Access, Vision and Torque. Only the Sabra 105 has all 3.

To this day we continue to innovate. In 2012, Sabra opened a new division - SabraDent Surgical. Technologies and Supply Division Within this new area of expertise, Sabra is bringing new ideas to Dental surgery and biologic regeneration.

We have joined forces with many companies whose corporate focus is on developing novel biologics and therapeutic agents to repair or replace damaged and or diseased tissue. Our product portfolio is now one of the largest Biologics, regenerative and wound care lines in the industry. With Companies like Collagen Matrix Inc, based in Oakland , NJ who provide collagen membranes, wound care products and lines of xenograft and synthetic grafting materials that have no peer in the industry, and many others, Sabra is now one of the leading suppliers in these areas nationwide.

We continue to develop new technologies and new relationships to bring you, the dental practitioner, the newest and best technology to enhance your practice, as well as advancing the ability to give your patients the best technology available today.

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Our staff guarantees your satisfaction. Whether it’s the purchase of handpieces, dental products/equipment, repair service, or information on handpiece maintenance, our customer service reps and technical staff are fully qualified to help you. If you have a question about a product that we don't sell or service – call us anyway and our representative will find an answer for you.

34 Years of Loyal Customers

To all of our loyal customers, thank you for letting us be your source of quality dental products. Your support and trust for the past 38 years is truly appreciated. For all of our perspective clients, we look forward to serving you with 38 years of experience, with an eye towards the future.