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Why Choose Sabra for your next handpiece?

Sabra has a long history of Quality and  Innovation 

Sabra started producing handpieces in the 70's - and brought many firsts into what is now modern dentistry.

Among them- The industry first quick connect, fiber optic, high speed handpiece - with the original Sabra Black Diamond . We have since continued with ingenuity, craftsmanship and value.  We bring these concepts to market with the Sabra line of handpieces.  We produce quality handpiece products - and simply sell them at reasonable prices.

The star of our line:
The Sabra Power 45 Series handpiece
Sabra first introduced the 45 degree angle handpiece nearly 40 years ago - and they have been and are considered the Gold Standard among surgical handpieces .
The newest in the series - The Power 45 -
The Power 45 series is a high torque, small head, quick connect, tri-port handpiece featuring rear exhaust to prevent air being introduced into a surgical site and the issues this can cause. Made from titanium, the Power 45 is lightweight, well balanced and extremely corrosion resistant - and is the choice for the best - but again, simply done at a reasonable price.

Choose a Prophy Handpiece from Sabra Dental 

When looking for a handpiece designed specifically with the dental hygienist in mind - look to the Sabra Prophy Gem. Most manufacturers utilize their clinical low speed motor, which runs at 5500-6000 rpm,  reuse it for cost-effectiveness, put it in a brightly colored shell, and call it a prophy handpiece. These motors are too heavy, and much too fast for performing dental hygiene. 

The Sabra Prophy Gem is a newly-designed motor - made with hygiene in mind. It was made small and light, so you can use these handpieces all day long. After your first few patients, the heavier, larger handpieces can cause strain to your hand, wrist and arm. At just 2.3 oz. and 3.9 in. long, this 360-degree swivel handpiece is the lightest and shortest available today. Additionally, it was designed with prophy in mind. Its top speed is 4,000 rpm, so there is far less need to adjust for the proper speed using the foot pedal. The Prophy Gem is not only comfortable to use, but it offers smooth vibration-free operation all day long with comfort and ease. 

The One Low Speed Handpiece That Does It All

The Sabra V is a Universal Straight Clinical low speed handpiece. Due to its unique straight nose cone design and high torque motor, it can be used for any clinical application with the appropriate attachment. However, it is also small and light enough, when compared with much larger clinical motors, that it can be easily used for hygiene. The 360° swivel at the fingertips makes it easy on the hands for simple oral cavity turn-in and turn-outs. This is a great compromise between a "prophy only" handpiece, and a much larger clinical low-speed motor. With the Sabra V and the right attachment, you can get everything accomplished with one handpiece.

Looking for Clinical Power?

The Sabra Power E Motor Series

The E motor series is a quality E type motor, available in 5K  or 20K versions with a variety of E-Type attachments to do any clinical procedure with torque and rugged reliability.  Try one out today - and likely retire with it still in working condition.

Torque with economy?
The Sabra EC-Torque
We introduced the EC-Torque series, as practitioners asked for an economy handpiece that would actually work. The slightly larger head size on the EC-Torque handpiece gives it all the power to cut off an old crown or bridge or do any clinical work in a handpiece under $300. Where all the other "inexpensive" handpieces end up sitting in your drawer, broken, the EC-Torque will still be going strong.

Our New high speed is Here -   All the best aspects from our quality production coming in a different new angle to allow access anywhere in the mouth, without interference, despite having a larger head and more torque. 
The Sabra Power Curve !! 

If you need assistance in making your handpiece selection or have questions regarding any other item, please contact us. Call us at 1-800-888-4435, and our customer service representatives will be glad to discuss your requirements and to guide you in making the right selection for your practice. 

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