Sabra Power Optic System

BLP-1001 Sabra Power Optic System


NEW - - NOW 4 CIRCUIT  - -  Sabra Brite Lite PLUS Dual Handpiece Illumination and L.E.D. Curing Light Curing System
BLP-1001 Includes Control Unit and LVT ( Low Voltage Transformer) Brite Lite: Four Circuit Universal Hand piece Light Source Voltage Controllable for use with any brand hoses/couplers.
Use any brand handpiece/coupler with 3 styles of Sabra hoses
    - Sabra-Quick 360 quick connect hose for use with Sabra handpieces
    - ISO-B 5 hole tubing for use with any 5/6 hole handpiece/coupler
    - ISO-C 6 Pin tubing for use with any 6 pin handpiece/coupler
Can be retro fit in most units
Crisp, bright light,
Long lasting, inexpensive lamp module

 Plus: High Intensity Integrated Rapid Cure L.E.D. Curing Circuit Built into dental unit, integrated into optic system 
Activate with existing foot pedal 
468-472nm at 1000+ mw/cm 2 "0" heat emission 
Swivel curing 8mm or 11mm probes 
10 second audible timing tone 
Autoclave curing probes 
No recharging - Always there and ready to go
( Curing circuit built into BLP-1001 - tubing and curing probe purchased separately)

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