Impression Accessories

MOJO Syringe, 100 per box





Pre-loadable MOJO syringes improve handling, speed procedures, reduce waste

The lightweight, pre-loadable design of MOJO Syringes offers tremendous advantages over the standard automix gun technique. Start using the Mojo Syringes and:

  • Stop trying to maneuver and control bulky mixing guns.
  • Stop having to assemble or change intraoral tips, mixing tips, cartridges, and dispensing guns for every small impression.
  • Stop wasting expensive material left over inside large mixing tips.
  • Stop cross-contaminating entire impression material cartridges.


With the MOJO Syringes, minimize material waste by using only the amount you need— half-full is enough to record one crown prep, and full is enough for three preps. Their cost, even loaded with impression material, is less than the cost of most automixing tips alone! Factor in the mixing tip, wasted VPS material (1.6cc) and cleanup time, and you save nearly $2 per impression by using the Mojo syringe! Mojo's disposable design eliminates cross-contamination and time consuming, messy clean-ups too.

For the ultimate in chairside efficiency, keep a batch of MOJO Syringes pre-loaded and ready to use. To pre-load, simply place any HP impression material cartridge against the MOJO Syringe double barrel and squeeze. After loading, push the plunger in partially for an airtight seal. When you are ready to use the syringe, break the tab by twisting the top until it locks down all the way over and you are ready to go!

With a rotatable angled tip, MOJO Syringes give you full control in hard-to-reach areas, including the distals of second molars. The 1.5mm tip diameter allows direct access to the entire sulcus, minimizing air bubbles at the margin and retakes. 0.3 oz. weight and plunger-style syringing help alleviate hand stress. 100 complete syringes per box.



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