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Trimming and Finishing Carbide Burs

Sabra's Newest - Premium quality 12 blade Trimming and Finishing burs.  The New Gold Shank Premium Tungsten Sabra T&F burs will give you the precise control and a smooth cut needed to finish any restoration, or easily remove any unwanted materials leaving you with a smoother surface when compared with any diamond instrument. Try them today at reasonable prices.

Sabra T&F burs are produced with a carefully designed blade structure, flute depth, rake angle, and spiral angulation to be the most efficient bur available today. A premium quality tungsten carbide is used in the production of Sabra burs, which gives them a blade that starts sharper and wears longer when compared with all other burs that use a less expensive grade metal in production. The lower quality metals used can’t be made as sharp initially, and dull more quickly than our premium Sabra burs.  

For our bur shanks, we use a surgical grade stainless steel which better helps to prevent corrosion during sterilization. Premium quality carbide for the cutting surface and more durable shanks gives Sabra Carbides Maximum Strength, Durability and Sharpness in every use. Sabra Carbides can be used for multiple procedures, making them even more cost effective. 

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