Surgical High Speed Handpieces

Surgical Handpieces. Sabra Rear Exhaust Surgical 45 degree handpieces. The Sabra Power 45 series handpiece is the newest handpiece available in the Sabra line. After the introduction of the first surgical high speed handpieces over 30 years ago, Sabra has now introduced the Power 45 Series handpiece. It is the highest torque 45 degree angle handpiece available today at over 21 watts. The Power 45's offer a small head for better access, a newly designed all titanium body for light weight and better ergonomics for longer procedures. For thorough irrigation from all angles, the power 45 offers tri port irrigation, as well as the clean head feature, which helps keep contaminants out of the turbine for long life in between repairs. With its quick connect coupler, that Sabra is simple to maintain with the Sabra Care Plus lubricant kit. Just snap it off and spray. The main design feature of the Power 45 series is its rear exhaust capability. The air is designed to port from the rear of the handpiece, away from the osteotomy to prevent any chances or air emphysema or embolism, making sure for the highest standard of care in any surgical procedure.


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