Bone Grafting Materials

SabraDent Surgical has the most complete line of premium grafting materials you will find anywhere in Dentistry. From a complete line of allografts (  mineralized, demineralized, cortical, cancellous, min/demin blends, DBM putty ) bovine and porcine xenografts, and a multitude of synthetics.  Including our Syn-Oss line available in both granules and a putty version with added bovine collagen to allow it be a moldable putty, insert it dry in its cylindrical shape for easy placement, or hydrate it with saline, blood, prf and it makes placement in the sinus predictable and easy. Included in the line are bone cements, such as 3-D Bond, Bond Apatite and Easy Graft by Sunstar, and last are our impregnated Osteogen collagen plugs. The most complete line of grafting materials all in one place, all at a reasonable price- Only from Sabra 

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